Saturday, December 17, 2016

"The True Gift" & Another Busy Week

Ask your child the book we read this week.

It was a perfect addition to complement our KINDNESS CAMPAIGN!

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"All year long Lily and Liam look forward to Christmas on their grandparents' farm. It's always the perfect trip -- walking to the lilac library, trimming the tree, giving gifts. But this year, thanks to a white cow alone in the meadow, things will be different. This Christmas, Lily and Liam will find out the meaning of a true gift."


The hours of practices and rehearsals  were clearly evident!
Frosty and A Charlie Brown Christmas were enjoyed by a full house!

Thanks to Ms. K and Ms. Berman for all they do!

In the classroom we have been learning about holiday celebrations around the world.

 Reading, researching and gathering information helped each of us share what we learned.

Ask your child about traditions in Australia, Ghana, France, Mexico, Japan and Sweden.

Our St. Lucia Day festivities was a result of our studies.


Mr. Borden invited us to hear and see the Connecticut brochures his students have completed.

 They all did an impressive job.

In learning about ADVENT, we have been enjoying an Advent Calendar.

Designing and building gingerbread houses is another holiday tradition we thoroughly enjoy!


The class learned about assembly lines and quality control when they put together little bags for the faculty.
They wanted to thank everyone for all they do!

It involved sorting, counting, dividing, assembling and delivering.

They were so surprised when people stopped by to thank them for their kindness.

(Reaching faculty mailboxes may have been the trickiest part of their endeavor!)

 Sharing kindness seems to make everyone happier!

One of our favorite stops when we are "out and about" is visiting Ms. Rathgeber in her office.

When it's too cold to be outside, collaborating on marble roll towers is always fun!

Hopefully, these photos and posts will help start a conversation with your child
about the many things they do during the school day.